LHS '58 E-Mail Addresses

        updated 6-8-2015

If you are aware of any changes or corrections, please e-mail them to Bob Hardin.
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95 Addresses Listed!
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Don Albright  elldon (at) earthlink.net  (NEW 8-08)
Helen Austin Wolfe
  helenwolfe40 (at) gmail.com  (Changed (7-18-2011)
Mary Alice (Baker) Corso  mac3521 (at) comcast.net  (NEW 11-9-10)
Nelson Becker   nj.becker (at) verizon.net
Jerry Bentz bentz (at) sbcglobal.net
Bessignano, Don  donbizy (at) yahoo.com
Bilger, Boyd  Boyd.Bilger (at) embarqmail.com    (NEW 3-2010)
Sally Bodell Smith  salfran39 (at) yahoo.com

Joy Booher Burnsworth  jbgb6770 (at) yahoo.com  (Changed 8-08)
Larry Brown  usi.uniforms (at) sbcglobal.net  (Changed 8-08)

Fred Brummet  Fred (at) fredbrummet.org
Robert Burch  rebracing426 (at) insightbb.com  (NEW 8-08)

Kay Burgess Weatherwax  tweather (at) comcast.net
Richard Campton  RichCamp (at) embarqmail.com  (Changed 10-08)
Norma Conn Flohr  norma.flohr (at) comcast.net
Paul Cotner   Cotner1205 (at) comcast.net  (Changed 8-08)

Richie Cox   Richie.Susie (at) verizon.net
Pat Crump Helvie   2helvies (at) att.net  (Changed 7-10)

Suzanne Culp Fry  suzannefry (at) yahoo.com
Lyle Daugherty  Lyle7460 (at) sbcglobal.net  (NEW 8-08)

Jim Dixon  JamdJDixon (at) msn.com  (Changed 8-08)

Bill Drake  bjdrake (at) michonline.net  (Changed 8-08)
Wanda Dubose Anderson  davema3 (at) verizon.net  (Changed 8-08)
Sharon Dunbar Nolan  smnolan21 (at) charter.net
Sharon Dunn Haynes  dashaynes (at) aol.com
Lyle Durbin   BRDurbin (at) frontiernet.net  (Changed 8-08)
Norma Edwards Lambert   2Lambert (at) att.net 
 (Changed 10-08)
James Fergus  Fergus_jim (at) comcast.net  (Corrected 10-29-11)
Jean Fitzer Flora  nettiebelle (at) sugardog.com
Betty Flowers Smith  bettysmith (at) neo.rr.com  (Changed 4-21-2011)

Ernest James Fogel  jfogel (at) twcny.rr.com (NEW 8-08)
Steve Foreman  Steve (at) FBPlans.com

Ronald Frick  rfrick1940 (at) comcast.net    (Changed 2-19-2011)
Mike Gardner   mikewgard (at) att.net    (Changed 10-2009)
Anne George Brown  AnneLBrown (at) sbcglobal.net 
Jane Gibson Eller  jaemoms140 (at) sbcglobal.net
John Gibson  indianagib (at) aol.com
Judy Grace Knight  JKnight72040 (at) comcast.net  (NEW 10-2009)
Beverly Grandstaff McLaggan  RMcLaggan (at) earthlink.net    (NEW 9-19-2011)
Rita Grimes Musselman  jddamuss (at) gmail.com    (Changed 1-22-2013)

Carolyn Grube Rucker  crucker (at) att.net    (Changed 8-27)

Richard Guggenheimer  soysylvan (at) hotmail.com
Joyce Haley Mote  joyce.mote (at) gmail.com  (NEW 9-16)
Bob Hardin  HardinFamily (at) embarqmail.com
  (Changed 7-13-2014)
Thelma Hawkins Miller  ThelmaR819 (at) aol.com
Bob Helvie   sales (at) startracks.org
 (Changed 6-26-2012)
Eugene Stuart Hilbert  hilbert (at) thejadedragon.net
Bernadine Hombach Bender  bv60bender (at) comcast.net   (Changed 7-29-14)
Shirley Hoover Moon Morehead  carliebug (at) comcast.net  (Changed 8-08)
Jerry Hunt  jpdihunt (at) comcast.net  (Changed 3-12-2011)

Betty Ingram Hardin  EHardin5797 (at) charter.net
 (Changed 8-08) 
Tom Johnson  tomsjc (at) mac.com
  or  tkjohnson1 (at) sbcglobal.net  (Changed 8-08) 
Larry "Butch" Jones  larry.butch.jones (at) gmail.com    (NEW 1-2011)
Bill Kimberling 
 BKimberling (at) cox.net   (Changed 8-08)
Marjie Kimes  marjie_john (at) juno.com  or marjiejohn (at) aol.com

Ralph Levy   RLevi58 (at) gmail.com  (Changed 7-13-2014)
Barbara Little Burgin  bburgin81 (at) hotmail.com  (NEW 8-08)
Karen Lough Landgraf  klandbarron (at) sbcglobal.net
Nancy Luxem Bynan  NJBynan (at) yahoo.com 
 (Changed 8-08)
Judy McKeever Polley  LPolley (at) webtv.net  

Larry Medland   LDAMawas (at) mtaonline.net 
 (Changed 8-08)
Janie Meinzer Kincaid   jane.kincaid (at) ymail.com    (NEW 1-24-2013)
Bob Minglin  nilgnim (at) juno.com

Susie Mordenti Dickerson  SusieD4010 (at) comcast.net   (Changed 9-14-2014)
Jim Moss  JDMoss2 (at) comcast.net   (Changed 8-08)
Peggy Murphy Nies  pewani (at) comcast.net
Dave Nichols  sdnichols (at) ffni.com 
 (Changed 7-09)
Ella Noble Line  ellabella1940 (at) yahoo.com
Rose Ann O'Connor Jones  lizzie1940 (at) yahoo.com
Connie Otterman Ludwig  hoosierconnie (at) gmail.com 
 (Changed 12-09)

Margaret Pasquale Fouts  harmar2 (at) peoplepc.com 
 (Changed 8-08)
Ardell Price  sunset (at) iapdatacom.net
Verna Raikes Ritz  vmritz (at) msn.com

Janet Richeson Chamberlain  Chamberlain_Janet (at) yahoo.com (Changed 7-14-14)
Cecilia Royer Wilson   CWilsn718 (at) yahoo.com 
 (Changed 8-27)
Beverly Smith Redd  bevredd (at) bellsouth.net  (NEW 8-08)
Roberta Smith Foote  pwfoote (at) sbcglobal.net 
Susanne L Smith Ridlen  SRidlen (at) iuk.edu 
Tom Smith  tjsmithcpp (at) aol.com 
(Changed 8-08)
Judy Snyder Flory  Flory_Judy (at) comcast.net 
(Changed 3-2010)

Charles Strecker  chashadar (at) sbcglobal.net
Joe Sumpter  sumpy (at) aol.com

Nancy Talmadge Henry  henrynancya (at) yahoo.com 
George Tilley  GeoTilley2 (at) yahoo.com  (NEW 8-08)
Nancy Tilley Hamilton  nsham (at) earthlink.net  (NEW 8-08)
Darlene Tipton Lowe  grannypug (at) comcast.net  (Changed 10-08)
Maritherese Trinen Bash  r-mbash (at) live.com  (NEW 8-27)
Sandy Ulbrich Goethe  sandyg (at) csufresno.edu
Jim Watts  jgw1020 (at) comcast.net  (Changed 8-08)
Steve Wheatley  wheats (at) comcast.net

Patricia White Watson
   patricia.w.watson (at) comcast.net   (Changed 8-08)
Rose Ann Williams Dowty  dowty (at) inebraska.com 
(Changed 8-08)
Karen Wilson Fellers  karenfellers (at) ymail.com 
(Changed 3-2010)
Carol Winemiller Notaras  Cwnn510 (at) sbcglobal.net  (Changed 8-08)
Judy Yoder Little  jalittle2004 (at) comcast.net  (Changed 1-10)

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