Camp Kosciusko

Old pictures from 50's

updated 10-3-09

Can you remember any of these people or places?
If you can help with identification, please let me know.

1955** BACK ROW: ??, Judy Whitacre, ??, ??, Sara Shuss, Liz Geider.  FRONT ROW:  Joyce Green, Pat Jewell, Cynthia Hopping, Jane Robb.
  (larger image)

1956 ** Jim Dost, Jim Alexander, Bob Hardin, and Steve Foreman  (larger image)

Student Council 1956  1. Dave Rose, 2. ??, 3. Joyce Green, 4. Linda Burton, 5. ??, 6. Karen Steube, 7. Joann Benham, 8. Linda McIntyre, 9. Bonnie Rabe, 10. Lynne Janz, 11. Sara Shuss, 12. Dean Harry Walrond, 13. ??, 14. Mike Murphy, 15. Bob Hart, 16. Bob Hardin, 17. Ronnie Scott, 18. Don Elson, 19. Garry Boomershine(deceased).  (larger image)

Haynes Chapel in 1956
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1957** Ann Switzer and El Thurman. (Is El showing us a new dance step?
(larger image)

Liz Geider and Art Gorman were King and Queen of Senior Conference in 1956.
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