Remembering Our Family

Who Have Died

First of all, the two who share a birthday


Howard E. Pickens


Robert W. Hardin, III

Born: June 21, 1913 
Died: June 29, 1980

        Howard was born in Michigan and married Ethel M. Haines in 1939.  Their children are Donna Lee and Barbara Ann.  About 1949, the family moved to Bloomington, Indiana, and stayed there until 1959 when they moved to Peru, Indiana.  While living in Peru, each of the daughters married.  In 1967, Howard and Ethel moved to Warsaw, Indiana, and lived on Chapman Lake.  They enjoyed the lake and loved to fish. 
        Howard (Ed to those who knew him well) worked in the trucking industry most of his life and was vice-president for Perkins Trucking (which was later renamed Perkins Furniture Transport) with headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Born: June 21, 1966 
Died: Nov. 23, 1993

         Rob was born in Warsaw, Indiana, on his maternal grandfather's birthday and the first day of summer to Barbara and Robert Hardin.  He graduated from Warsaw Community High School and then headed to Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana.  The degree he earned in accounting helped him land a nice position with Clifton, Gunderson as an auditor.  He worked with a team of auditors and was often the "in charge" as they traveled the state.
        Rob always had a flair for earning a dollar.  In the 2nd grade at Sacred Heart School, the Sisters who were the teachers requested that he no longer bring toy trucks to school to play with during recess because he was "renting" them to his classmates during the play period.  He delivered THE PAPER, then washed dishes at a small restaurant called Humpty Dumpty until he was old enough to go to work as a carry out in a grocery store.
        Rob was the third of four children in his family.  He came along after Beth and Natalie, but before Katrina.  Being the only boy in the family had its good points and its bad points for him, but he loved his sisters very much.