OUR CLASS of 1959

Updated  11-26-2022


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new-nobl.gif Gerald “Jerry” Baldini died 11-26-2022
Jerry C Bunger died 6-21-2022
Marcia Anna Cart Dickherber died 5-5-2022
Jacqueline Ann Timmons Brykett died 1-5-2022
Beverly Jean Roberts Harman died 12-5-2021

Carolyn Ruth Conn Beauchamp died 11-17-2021
Phyllis Ann Ricci Pickens died 11-26-2021
Larry K Martin died 7-13-2021
Jeanie Louise Yoder Miller died 12-5-2020
Donel Bruce Evernham died 9-20-2020

James Edward Bain died 8-25-2020
Sharon Antoinette Thomas Samuels died 7-21-2020
Charmaine Bender Gralton died 6-3-2020
Frank D. Miller died 4-7-2020
Gary L. Blackman died 6-18-2018

Sandra Sue Cabiness Casalini died 3-8-2020
Judith A. Allen Howell died 2-27-2020
Jack Dean Reeder died 2-18-2020
Larry Joe ‘Buck’ Johnson, Sr. died 9-2-2019
David Jay Bowles died 12-30-2018

John Thomas ‘Tom’ King died 4-5-2018
Frank Carlson Ehase died 10-12-2017
Sharon Kay Humes Overley died 9-16-2017
Benjamin Charles Zandy died 7-27-2017
Lynne Kniesly Tarleton died 5-18-2017

Larry Dean Kelley died 9-24-2016
Steven Arthur Justice died 5-28-2016
Dennis F. Wildrick died 5-28-2016
Sally Ellen Henry Stephens died 5-5-2016
Frances Louise Pasquale Rairigh died 12-8-2015

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You may click on a name under a following picture for more information
about our friends whose lives have been cut short.
We remember the good times of years ago and
shall treasure those times with great joy.

Ramona Mary Adamski - HSRamona Mary Adamski

Herman Dean Albright - HSHerman Dean Albright

Mark F Armick - HSMark F Armick

Rita M Baer - HSRita M Baer Parkins

Dixie Lee Bagwell - 1959Dixie Lee Bagwell

Ed Baker - 1959Edward L. Baker


Robert J. Bowles

 William Bowyer - 1959 William Maurice Bowyer, Jr.

 Mark Y Brown - 1959
Mark Y. Brown

 Michael G Brugh - 1959 Michael G Brugh

James Busch - 1959James Busch

Elizabeth Ann Centers - 1959Elizabeth Ann Centers Wallace

 Dorothy (Dottie) Chilcott Mock
Dorothy (Dottie) Chilcott Mock 


Daniel R. Cotner

 Bonnie Cunningham Marshal - 1959 Bonnie Cunningham Marshall

Bill Cuppy - HS Bill Cuppy

Marilyn L. Dodrill Shannon - 1959Marilyn L. Dodrill Shannon 

Judith A Dougherty - HSJudith A Dougherty Larimore

Downham-Brenda-Kay-HS.jpgBrenda Kay Downham 

Mary M Dunn - HSMary M Dunn

S Kay Dunn Burns - HS
S Kay Dunn Burns

Frank K (Kenny) Elzbeck - HSFrank K (Kenny) Elzbeck

L J Farrell - 1959L. J. Farrell

Wallace Farrell -1959
Wallace Farrell

Edward Paul Fasnacht - HSEdward Paul Fasnacht

William Firmani - 1959
William Joseph Firmani 

William Mark Gallaher

Sally Ann Gohl Hope - 1959 
Sally Ann Gohl

Judy Grandstaff - HSJudy Grandstaff Cunningham

 Rex B Grant - HSRex B Grant

Terry Groninger - 1959
Terry Groninger, Sr.

Marian L Hall -HS
Marian L Hall Evans

Paul T Handy - HSPaul T Handy

Fred Hanna - 1959

Fred John Hanna

Fredia J Harris - HS
Fredia J. Harris Couch 

Penny Harrison Haynes - 1959Penny Harrison

Robert Hayden - 1959

Robert J. Hayden

George H Haynes - HS

George H.


Howard "Gene Helvie


Michael Arnold Hughes

Phyllis Jargstorf - HS
Phyllis Jargstorf Bishop 

Courtney B Justice 

Larry Charles Kennell -1959
Larry C Kennell 

Donald F Kesler, Jr - 1959Donald F Kesler, Jr

Dixie Lee Klepinger Dill

Beth Ann Lehman Medland - 1959 
Beth Ann Lehman


Jane Ellen Macy Arseneau

Dewayne "Mac" McClaeb - 1959 Dewayne "Mac" McClaeb

Mader-Mike-HS.jpg Michael H Mader

McClintock-Phillip-HS.jpg Phillip Dee McClintock

SAndra S McMillen - HS Sandra S McMillen Roberson  


James Elliott Miller

Steven J Miller - 1959 Steven J Miller

Charles "Buddy" Moore - HS
Charles 'Buddy' Moore 

David Lee Morton -HS
David Lee Morton


Ronald Lee Myes - HS Ronald Lee Myers 

Robert P Neher - HS
Robert P Neher

Rance L Nethercutt - HSRance L Nethercutt

Edward L. Nichols - 1959
Edward L. Nichols

Janet Lucille Overmyer Egan

Virginia Elaine Packard - HS
Virginia Elaine Packard Correll 

Frank Patrick Parente - 1959 
Frank Patrick Parente 

David H Payne -1959
David H Payne

Jerry Pfaff - 1959
Gerald H. Pfaff 

Louis Polsinelli - 1959 Louis Joseph Polsinelli  

Don Allen Pugh - 1959
Don Allen Pugh

William O "Buckets" Richards

  Thomas C Sailors - HS
Thomas C. Sailors

Patrick Thomas Shannon

Janet Shaffer - HS
Janet Shaffer Swanson

Joseph P. Shaughnessy - 1959
Joseph P. Shaughnessy 

Denny M Shaver - HS
Denny M Shaver

Dan Smith - 1959
Dan Smith 

Ralph D Stone - HS
Ralph D Stone

Constance Jo Strasser Garrison

Ruth A Strong Kirby

James Glen Sweet - 1959
James Glen Sweet 

Samuel D. Townsend - 1959
Samuel Dean Townsend 

John H White, Jr - 1959John H White, Jr

William James White - 1959William James White

Karen Williams Lansford - 1959
Karen Williams Lansford Oliver

 Phillip A. Wood - 1959
Phillip A. Wood 





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