Logansport High School
lass of 1959

Updated 4-30-03

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The Wanderin' Women, and they love to get together a couple
of times each year (they even wear red hats sometimes!)
From 2000:
Front: Mary Jo Qualio, 2nd Row: Karen Rehm, Linda Fosler, 3rd Row: Sherry Loser, Pat McClelland, Marsha Cart,
Ann Castaldi, Nancy Rozzi, Linda McIntyre.


 Lynne Kniesly Tarleton and her husband
Neal pause for a picture at a famous
national park while on vacation in 2001.



 Karen Doyle Henn, Jane Conrad Hoevel,
and Rose Mary McCain Kimberling
at the Little Turtle Walkway on the
banks of the Wabash River in 1999.
(from Jane in April 2003)

 Joanne Townsley VanDrent and her
husband Jay in Tucson, AZ.  


 Barb Booher Johnson and her family in Arizona. (sent by Barb in 2000)

 Linda McIntyre Scott and Sharon Plotner
Smith at Sharon's Yellow House in N. Carolina.



 Michael Cart (from inside one of his books.) (1999)


Sue Swigert Beal from an Austin, TX,
real estate brochure. 
Budd Dressler while visiting Indiana
early 1999.


 Dave Lybrook and his faithful dog Beau at their home overlooking ??? Bay in Rhode Island. (1999)

 Mac McClaeb with his trusty horn. Mac passed
away in September of 2002.
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