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We hope you will find our web site to help you bring back some memories.
Memories of people, places, and happenings back when we were 'kids.'

Have you lost touch with old friends from school?
Here you find the e-mail addresses we know of at this time.
If you have other addresses or find errors, please let us know.

Check out the page of pictures from those long ago years to help

jog our memories and remind us of how we've all changed.
Here is a sample of what you'll see on the page.

Today's Pictures are now available as the pictures have started to come in.
You can visit the Memorial Page now, a listing of our class members who have died.

Do you have a web page?  Let us know and we'll list it here!

Links to Logansport Information

And the Pharos Tribune Newspaper will help you keep up with home-town new

although they limit the number to times you can read an article

without a subscription.

Other LHS Class Pages

Ever wonder about the people who were in school with you?
You can also find the Class of 1962.
Visit the Class of 1961.

Here is one for the Class of 1959.
And one for the Class of 1958.
Go here for the
Class of 1957.

Recent Classmate Deaths

new-nobl.gif** David Michael Wandrei died June 7, 2015 **

See details on the Memorial Page

- - C O N D O L E N C E S - -

Family death information can now be found on the Condolences Page

Once a Berry, always a Berry!!


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