Some additions made below on July 3, 1999

These aren't really too wonderful, but at least you can get an idea of what the layout looked like a few months ago as we were working on the scenery.  This is the view from the control panel, looking across the yards. Two trains can be operated at the same time on the HK & HW Railroad. Usually Terry and Dave run the trains and Bob is the dispatcher and aligns the switches and routes the power.

This is the view from the East looking toward the mountain with five tunnel portals. We have seven engines and about thirty-five freight cars. We are in the process of working on the scenery and trying to replace the couplers.

 Some New Pictures (Finally)

The GoodYear Blimp recently flew over the layout and snapped these pictures.  They were so kind to send them back to me.  As you can see, more of the scenery has been completed.  It is a long slow process, it seems.  Sure hope these make sense to you.

Flying in from over the mountain

This is the mountain end of the layout

Here are the small yards still awaiting some ground cover.

You'll notice here that the blimp almost flew into the hanging lamp shade............
Also shows the base earth cover before "grass" is sown.

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